AnimeNEXT 2012 report 삼박자 이야기

"떳다 그녀!!" fan panel 을 AnimeNEXT에서 주최한 Ben으로 부터의 결과보고 메일.


I just got back from the convention and I had a great time. 

The room the convention gave me for the There She Is fan panel was pretty full as I was about to begin and quickly filled up full! For an hour, I showed all of your videos to everyone at the event and answered any questions that they may have about yourself or the series. 

I also updated them on your current projects. After each There She Is video, everybody clapped happily. Many people also cried. While almost everybody in the room knew about There She Is, a few people didn't, but they are very big fans now! 

Everybody was very very happy when they saw the picture that you drew for them. The second in command of the people running the convention saw the event and was amazed at how good There She Is is. He is such a big fan now, he is asking for me to run another There She Is fan panel at a different convention later this year! 

As more and more people become fans of your and your animations, it brings me great joy. Thank you for allowing me to host this event year after year. I plan to host many more. My goal is to show everybody your animations that I can.

Ben Schoedel

"떳다 그녀!!"를 상영하고, 삼박자의 최근 소식을 전했고 다들 기뻐했다는 이야기.
기존 팬들이 많았지만 처음 온 사람들도 있었고, 그 중 한 명은 올해 안에 다른 행사에서 팬패널을 주최하겠다고 했단다.

.... 기뻐라. (^^)~♬

"철학고양이 요루바" 3권 완간!  절찬 발매중!


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