SamBakZa CafePress has started!! & One question 삼박자 이야기

Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

We are selling 2013 calendar in Korea.
Now I can provide our calendar for all fans outside of Korea.

Yes, I just opened CafePress shop.

I have feel joy while I make stuff with our design.

So, I made some basic stuffs.

and I have uploaded the first official poster for "There she is!!"

I still have fun.
We decided to upload new designs and products regularly.

Well... English is still big wall to me. But this time, fun won.

I heard this blog and are not comfortable to visitors of other language.
Is it true?

I try to find some other way for delivering our news to all fans of other language.
Facebook will be the answer?

Well... English is still huge wall to me.

삼박자표 2013년도 탁상달력 예약 주문 받고 있습니다.
아래의 사이트에서!
마감 3일전!!


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