TSI DVD project : 영상을 재수정하는 중 3 떳다 그녀!!(There She Is!!)

영상수정은 거의 다 끝나갑니다.  효과가 마음에 들게 나와서 기분 좋음.


  • 혜성같은 공룡 2015/10/25 03:10 # 답글

    Sorry that I don't speak Korean, but may I just say I'm a big fan. I also seemed to noticed the words "TSI" and "DVD" in that title! Any plans for releasing the series on DVD anytime soon? :D
  • 아말록 2015/10/26 14:57 #

    I will open the crowdfunding campaign for it, soon. (^^)
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  • 혜성같은 공룡 2015/10/27 00:34 # 답글

    Dude, you should totally advertise the campaign on Newgrounds! You're bound to get massive support!
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